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About us
1. History

The College of Environment at Hohai University, formerly known as Environmental Hydraulic Institute, was founded in 1978. The College is one of the most established institutions for environmental education and research in China. The program for undergraduates majoring in environmental engineering was granted in 1986, followed by the accreditation of bachelor degree of environmental engineering in 1990, master degree of environmental engineering in 1993 and Doctor’s degree of environmental engineering in 1998. Postdoctoral program of environmental science and master degree of environmental science was granted in 2000, and Doctor’s degree of environmental science and engineering in 2003. Environmental disciplines based in the College have been approved as one of key disciplines in Jiangsu province, key disciplines of 211 project and the key disciplines since 2001. The discipline of environmental engineering was evaluated as national key disciplines in 2007, also, environmental science and engineering was selected as one of key disciplines in Jiangsu province and listed as the national key discipline. The discipline ranked seventh in the 2008 national rankings.

2. Missions

The College of Environment aims to track the latest Development trends and frontiers of environmental science, meet the security strategy of national water and ecological civilization, and foster top-level talents in dealing with water environmental protection, water pollution control and ecological restoration. The college is developing into the first-class research base and platform of solving major scientific problems, first-class innovative talent training, transformation of independent innovation achievements and international cooperation. 

3. Features:
(1) Integrated river water environmental management and ecological restoration
To solve major water environmental problems of river basins, urban, river and other areas such as lakes and reservoirs, we study the water environment evolution and conduct systematic simulation, integrated river water environmental management, ecological restoration, water conservation and water quality and safety and so on. We thereby build up a theoretical system for water environmental protection and ecological restoration as well as technological innovation system.
(2) The theory and key technology of drinking water safety and water ecological civilization 
To solve the prominent problems existing in China drinking water quality, we improve high algae-laden and compound organic pollutants in water bodies and intensify purification technology so as to meet the great demands of water treatment urban heavily polluted river and water ecological security, and form a system of ecological civilization construction of water theory and key technology.
(3) Assessment and protection of water ecological security of cascade hydropower development

To clarify hydropower development in river basins under mass transport process variation and the cascade dam on the eco-environment effects and cumulative effects under national hydropower development and ecological environment protection requirements, we build a large key technology of ecological regulation system to provide scientific and technological support for the hydropower cascade development of ecological and environmental protection. 

4. Faculty and teaching staff
We attach great importance to development of teaching staff and building of a talent echelon. We have reasonable structure of teaching staff with wide and comprehensive professional coverage. All full-time teachers own doctoral degree, and young teachers under 45 all have overseas educational background.  
The distinguished professors and their honorable titles include one member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), two distinguished professors entitled Changjiang Scholars, one National Outstanding Youth Fund scholar, two National Excellent Youth Fund scholars, two faculty members selected as National Millions of Engineering Talents, and one granted as New Century Talents of Ministry of Education . What’s more, we have a Chief Scientist in “National 973 Plans, two Chief Scientists in National 863 plans and one winner of Science and Technology Awards of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation, one winner of China Youth Sci-Tech Prize and one winner of Youth Awards”.